Close encounters and abductions by small figures seen at UFO crafts

Pilot of F-18 Dave Fravor from carrier USS Nimitz, November 14th, 2004


“David M. Jacobs, Ph.D. is an Author, Researcher, Associate Professor of History at Temple University and founder of ICAR . The International Center for Abduction Research (ICAR) is an organization devoted to the dissemination of trustworthy information about UFO abductions.”

Professor David Jacobs concludes that human beings are exposed to an alien experiment where people, families and groups of people are followed in a hybrid program where the aim is to create a new species.



Bjorn-Olav Kvidal:

Dr Jacobs claims aliens may be walking among us. Where and in which context? As low paid paperless immigrant workers exploited by capitalism as if this would be a “practical” way to hide? I wonder why any alien species would consider the risks by mingling with Homo sapiens. Wouldn’t it be far more convenient to operate from a hidden or semi-hidden position through flying “objects” risking nothing? Of course it would be! I am afraid the theory of alien among us simply open the gate for speculations about an illuminati elite ruling from the top of the society which is pure speculation. The ego of Homo sapiens and the class societies throughout history is basically enough to do the dirty job. Meanwhile can those behind our extremely complex brain and DNA keep a safe distance. We could be part of an ongoing agenda where other humanoids have lived before us but died out while the apes far more primitive have survived.

Considering all the personal experiences related to UFO encounters and also many stories where people claim to have been abducted – based on the overwhelming “technology” we are confronting – I hold it would be far-fetched to dismiss that Homo sapiens are part of a developing project where the core of research might be our brain and DNA. If this is the case we are simply “owned” and controlled through the genetic information and the relations in the human societies throughout time. The “owner” an intelligence not part of the kind of matter we are made of but something else which could be from dark matter and energy. When this research comes to an end we are simply turned into something else just as primates before us. In this context Dr Jacobs could be on the right track.

Have in mind that neo-Darwinism can not explain why there are no pattern of failed intermediate species or transition life forms between one species to the next. Instead we see fully developed species with little changes and this is not the way evolution work according to the book. The species living today are very old, some several hundred million of years with very little changes. The reason maybe that the genetic information in DNA is trying to preserve itself and live and not to take a chance and i most cases die – even if DNA in itself don’t “think” in such terms but act according to its property.


According to there are reports from at least some 3500 marks after UFO landings.

Far more than 4000 visual sightings reported by pilots and people from airplanes. Even if some of these were natural can we simply not debunk the rest as unsolved or a confusion with Venus, the Moon, a star, a bird, an aeroplane or whatever.

The UFO phenomenon is one of the most debunked simply because there are no UFO craft which have landed and openly embraced contact with the world. The claim that our planet actually is supervised and has been so for a very long time may sound strange and paranoid. It is not! Our galaxy is old and our universe is far older. A problem in this context is that the witnesses are ridiculed, considered confused or just plain liars. This is astonishing when we know that most of those who have made their sightings are ordinary people who has not made any business of their sightings. An UFO investigator in Sweden lately claimed in a newspaper article the summer of 2013 that there are no “scientific proofs” the UFOs are intelligent guided crafts. He and many others hold there are only unidentified flying objects, hinting we even may face a strange natural phenomenon or pure confusion with something else. This means to debunk many witnesses and dismisses their sightings with some celestial body, planet in the sky maybe, the Moon, aeroplanes, birds or whatever. Such a standpoint is wrong because witnesses are part of the research in history for very good reasons. Artefacts are not a precondition to prove a case neither in crimes nor in the research of history. This is also the case in natural science. No-one have seen a black hole but it is nevertheless considered a reality. Even if eye witnesses may not be as 100% waterproof as hard evidence are they considered part of the method to prove a case in all research of human history which includes the UFO phenomenon.

Reports from witnesses who independent of each other come up with the same testimony are enough to conclude we are dealing with a true description of what they really saw. In such cases are there no point to dismiss what have been seen as confusion or that the witnesses are confusing their description with “Venus”, the Moon, a star or whatever. Reports from different people who don’t know each other and even are spotting what they describe from different locations are part of the empirical evidence. A phenomenon which in appearance look like a craft with speed and maneuverability beyond what human beings can perform clearly prove we are dealing with an intelligent guided phenomenon. This does not mean we know what is behind the UFOs or from where they come from. But it is beyond doubt we are dealing with intelligent guided crafts.

* * *

Father Gill / Papua New Guinea Sighting
Date: June 26, 1959
Location: Papua New Guinea

First encounter with UFO humanoid figures were seen by a priest and several other people in Papua New Guinea in 1959.

“William B. Gill, an Anglican priest with a mission in Bosinai, Papas New Guinea, observed craft-like UFOs — one with Humanoid figures on top — on two consecutive evenings, June 26-27, 1959. About twenty-five natives, including teachers and medical technicians, also observed the phenomena. They “signaled” the humanoids and received an apparent response. This was one of sixty UFO sightings within a few weeks in the New Guinea area.”


* * *

Ruwa, Zimbabwe, 1994 – Alien Encounter by 62 Ariel School Children.

On 14th September, 1994, a UFO streaked across the sky over Southern Africa. Two days later, something landed in a schoolyard in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, with three or four things beside it, according to journalist Cynthia Hind. This was witnessed by 62 schoolchildren, who had little or no exposure to TV or popular press accounts of UFOs.




* * *

Gary T. Wilcox i USA who had an encounter with a similar craft earlier the same day, Friday 24th of April 1964.

“At about 10 a.m., on April 24, 1964, a 27-year-old farmer named Gary Wilcox was out in one of the fields of his 300-acre farm spreading manure at Newark Valley, New York, when he noticed something unusual over by the edge of the woods. Curious, he drove his tractor over for a closer look.”

Picture of what Gary T. Wilcox claimed to have encountered.

The figures from Wilcox information.

“Dumbfounded by what he was beholding he reached out to touch the object and wondered what in the world it was? At the moment to his side appeared to figures, humanoid in shape and began talking to him. They each carried a silver tray with a piece of turf on top. In his account, his first thoughts were that he was on TV for Candid Camera which was very popular at the time and that a big hoax was happening. It wasn’t until the encounter was over, he was expecting someone to pop out and say “Smile, you’re on candid camera”. Which, of course never happened.”

An audio interview with Gary T. Wilcox where the youtube pictures are not referring to the encounter as such


* * *

Encounter by the sixty-one year old forestry worker Robert Taylor happened in the Dechmont woods in Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland on the morning of Friday, November 9, 1979.

He and his red setter were doing duty in the forest when he was shocked to see a UFO hovering above the ground. The object was totally motionless, and silent. The encounter is as in the report from Lonnie Zamora considered to be serious and honest.


* * *

An UFO encounter by Leif Vinje at the island Ytteroya (Ytteröya) in 1985 or 1986 located in Trondheimsfjorden in the middle of Norway, North East of the city Trondheim.

A sunny summer day in 1986 which is the years referred to by most websites was the driver Leif Vinje delivering some goods to a local cooperative shop at the south of the island Ytteroya or Ytterøya as it is written in Norwegian. The local place was a typical small village on the countryside in Norway with few people.

As Vinje came out from the shop with some papers, walked to the car parked at the corner of the building and rounded the car for the driver’s door he encountered a small figure who came walking towards him. The figure was slightly more than a meter tall, or 1,2m as it is mentioned in the Norwegian links below. The figure had a head, hands and feet but smaller than typical for humans. The body was covered in a sharp blue suit which reminded about an overall. It may have been that the suit or overall somehow covered the head even if Vinje was not quite sure about that. The eyes caught his attention. These were bigger than humans, nearly completely black and aslant towards the side of the head. Vinje was a couple of meters from this figure as it just turned around and walked away lifting the knees and only moving the lower part of the arms similar to a marching soldier while the upper part of the arms hand downwards. The confrontation scared Leif Vinje while he saw the small figure dressed in blue climbing into a small craft which was parked on the back side of the shop some four to five meters further away. This means Vinje was very close, probably closer than Lonnie Zamora was at an UFO encounter 24 of April 1964 in Socorro, New Mexico, US. The craft Vinje reported had three legs. The lower part was flat and the upper part was curved or rounded. The size of the craft was some two meters in diameter. The top of the craft was transparent. The lower non-transparent had light gray colour. In the upper part of the craft Vinje noticed two figures sitting next to each other. They looked the same, had the same size, were dressed in the same blue suit. Both moved their head synchronized and stirred at Vinje. Then the craft took off without a sound, flew aslant upwards into the sky as it increased the speed.

This information is not the same in the links below. After some seconds did Vinje see something that look like smoke or a condense stripe in the trail of the craft as it disappeared in a steady speed towards North East. One of the link below writes the craft flew away on the road which sounds strange. Or did it mean to say it flew away above the road? There are many questions to this quite unknown UFO encounter in Norway and we had to ask question. For instance when Leif Vinje met the small person or figure he is reported to have told it was on the way towards him. I am not sure but it seems that this information came later from the widow Inger Vinje. Doesn’t this mean the figure was moving away from the craft in direction of the road and the edge of the building and to the front of the shop? Why such an action on the countryside where there nevertheless were people. I guess the figure was not on the way to buy candy in the shop so what was really going on?

In the Zamora case in Socorro, New Mexico, 24 April 1964 did the craft land some hundreds meters from the nearby southern part of the small town. Again, what made an alien craft land that close to human civilization with all the risks? Could it be such landings were not the intention but an error in the planned flight route? It sounds not so far fetched if the “map” and “compass” was not part of this world. In fact there are several strange UFO encounters where the craft land in places not fit for just that. Such as the story from Jessie Rosenberg what she and he two children encountered in October 1954 you can read more about further down in the text. The craft seen by the Norwegian driver Leif Vinje had a shape similar to this or maybe more rounded on the top with a transparent part.

After some “research” I think I found the old cooperative shop Leif Vinje delivered his commodities in the summer of 1986. One link writes it happened in 1985 or 1986. On the Internet are there an old picture of Samvirkelaget or the cooperative shop which also can be found by using google map with 360 degrees pictures taken along the roads and streets. To find in at the road you start the google search at the Southern part of the island Ytterøya on the road 135 or Fv135. ‘FV’ stands for ‘fylkesvei’ in Norwegian and means county road. From the road cross at Nord Rovika (Røvika) turn from North West to North East on the Southern part of the island you will immediate see the cooperative house 20-30 meters to the left after the road cross where Leif Vinje claims he had an close encounter with an UFO.

The picture you see below is identical to the building on this position at the Google camera-map. The picture is in black and white and the building was probably painted in white at the time. Today at the Google road map is the colour of the building in light green and the shop has been closed down.


The source of the information in Norwegian:


* * *

Alfred Burtoo, 12 August 1983, with his dog, Tiny, at the banks of the Basingstoke Canal in Aldershot, England.

Alfred Burtoo on his UFO encounter August 12, 1983.

Alfred Burtoo was fishing at an local canal when he had an encounter with a UFO craft which had landed. There he saw some human alike small figures. They were dressed in green overalls. On the head they had helmets with visors. The figures winked to Alfred Burtoo to follow them inside the circular craft. He climbed a stairway and was told to stand under an amber light. The beings spoke in broken English and informed him that he was too old for their purposes. Alfred Burtoo then left the craft.

The sketch of the craft Alfred Burtoo encountered.


* * *

On 21st October 1954 in Ranton, Staffordshire, Jessie Rosenberg, then aged 29, and her two children, witnessed a lens shaped object flying overhead. They also saw two humanoid figures with blond hair staring down at them.


* * *

Lonnie Zamora, the town Socorro in New Mexico, US, April 24, 1964.




* * *

If we are dealing with a phenomena far more advanced to us than our technology of today are to the earliest human that walked the Earth we must ask why so many look upon the UFO phenomenon through concepts related to our own times.

Why should such a super-advanced civilization or whatever it is deal with abductions of humans by trying to enter our houses and take our bodies while we are half sleeping or in a dizzy state of mind? Why would this phenomenon bother to fly above the Earth and pick up people who are out in the field or abducting people from their cars on a road with very little traffic? Should we not expect that all the information about our bodies and minds would be far easier to get through stealth technology including advanced devices using rays and other means to do all supervising in secret from the distance and that this has been done long time ago? Even today with our “stone age” technology is it possible to use rays to look through buildings, read the temperature from a distance and with electromagnetic rays have impact on human brains! Something is wrong if a super advanced civilization, life-form or “whatever” is able to do all it likes without the slightest possibilities for human beings to know anything what is going on. Why would such a power reveal its existence at all? Could it be that the so-called UFO phenomena and its so-called abduction has a completely different agenda than to keep checking our bodies, our DNA and our individual minds? Much point in the direction that the ways the UFOs are approaching human beings is part of an agenda and this is the key to go further in the analyse.

UFO researchers are not bothered to discuss just this. Instead are they engaged in debates if there really are identified non-human crafts as if this can be denied at all. Or if the abduction is part of a medical screening of human beings, including families and groups of people world wide. I hold this simply can not be the case. The UFO abductions could be dealing with something else – and here we simply must be ready to go far beyond our the earthly fantasies. If all lives on Earth including human beings are connected to the UFO phenomenon are we “owned” by something else and “used” but not necessarily the way we use, misuse and abuse animals. It is probably far more advanced that that! If some manned UFO crafts landed on Earth and exposed themselves openly I guess the reaction would be a scream to “kill the invaders”. Homo sapiens is a violent ape-like species with a lot of fear and intolerance built into its social relationships. We see this on a daily basis by just turning on the news. Our psyche manifest a reaction of fear and hostility when facing something unknown.

To overcome such things will there be a need of completely new societal and cultural relationships. I think the intellect behind the craft objects are very much aware of this, meaning we simply are not ready to face contact with alien civilizations whether these come from deep space or another universe we can call dimension.

Worth watching:

“Ufo’s and Aliens Contact 2012” – 1.50:10 hour


“The day before disclosure” – 1.39:24


Björn-Olav Kvidal,

Stockholm (in 2013)

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Videos with debate and exchange of ideas between scientists


Documentary The Universe Quantum Physics Microscopic Universe. (44:03)


Journey through the universe at the speed of light. (1.28:11)


Lawrence Krauss – Life, the Universe, and Nothing: A Cosmic Mystery Story. (1.17:35)


Something from nothing? [OFFICIAL] Richard Dawkins & Lawrence Krauss. (2.00:23)


Did the Universe come from “nothing”, Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss. (1.32:17)


The Big Bang – Lawrence Krauss and Michio Kaku. (50:27)


Is Religion Outdated in the 21st century? Lawrence Krauss/Davos. (2.40:20)


Dark matter and dark energy in our universe hide a lot.  (1.20:27)


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The UFO phenomenon may come from another dimension of dark matter & energy.

The chance for extra-terrestrial visitors to travel thousands, hundred of thousands of years, million or billion of years is highly unlikely.  If there are extra-terrestrials travelling over what we consider extreme distances they are not travelling the way we understand space travel today. 

Is it likely that an advanced life form maybe as short as some few million years ahead of us would bother to break into bedrooms to people and try to abduct them, lifting or “beaming” people up into a craft for some clinical check ups not so different what we are doing here on Earth with wild animals? A super advanced force would not “abduct” us just like that. If such UFOs wanted to examine our bodies they would use rays or beams and from a safe position find out whatever they wanted. However, the UFOs are not doing just that.

We may be dealing with a phenomenon trying to convince us it this is the case while something else is going on. A “smart” extra-terrestrial life form coming to this planet from whatever place would never expose itself just like that. Never! It would disguise or present itself as something else making us look in a wrong direction – otherwise would it be pointless to keep hiding in the “dark”.


Jacques Vallee, Terrence McKenna, John Mack, Budd Hopkins on the Alien, UFO, Abduction phenomenon:


Dr John E Mack Beyond linear thought and the UFO phenomena:
Part 1


Part 2


Part 3



“New Paradigm Films is a Norwegian based film production company focusing on new science, spirituality, health and paranormal phenomena. The company gained worldwide attention early October 2010 when it released its UFO documentary The Day Before Disclosure to the public through free online streaming.” (

Coming back to this film if it is worth the “space” on this free wordpress website.

Take care!

Björn-Olav Kvidal,
Stockholm – Sweden

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Aspects on life and death based upon the virtual reality theory.

If you were walking in mountains of Scotland with your friend and on the descent from a higher altitude you arrived to an area with a small lake and a house at the shore. There was smoke coming out of the chimney. On the way down the mountain slope you passed behind formation of the mountain and continued further down to the lake. You were both eager to have a rest and a chat with the people living in the house.

The question is what reaction do you think you would experience when you after some minutes walk down the mountain slope and could see that there was no house at the shore of the lake?

(This story is written after my memory from a TV program on one of the channels of Discovery which presented what the channels were authentic and serious information from people who not even had tried to make business out of there experiences.)


The surgeon Dr Eben Alexander experienced was seven days in a coma. During this time at the hospital did he experience something very strange.

“At around five o’clock on the morning of Nov. 10, 2008, I awoke with the early symptoms of what proved to be an extremely severe case of bacterial meningitis. As I wrote here three weeks ago, and as I narrate in my book Proof of Heaven, over the next several hours my entire cerebral cortex shut down. …But I was. My synapses—the spaces between the neurons of the brain that support the electrochemical activity that makes the brain function—were not simply compromised during my experience. They were stopped. Only isolated pockets of deep cortical neurons were still sputtering, but no broad networks capable of generating anything like what we call “consciousness.” The E. coli bacteria that flooded my brain during my illness made sure of that.”

What happened then, watch this video:

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Universe as a hologram and virtual reality.

If you want to know something about the universe as a hologram and virtual reality I strongly advice you to watch the videos below.

When scientists are talking about the universe as some kind of computer they are of course not holding it is a universe of bolts, wires, chips, etc.  It is a metaphor until we can come up with something better.

Short introduction by physicist Thomas Campbell – 4 minutes:













The hologram theory further analysed

Part 1 – 1.22:46

Part 2 – 1.17:32

Part 3 – 1.12:18


A Thin Sheet of Reality – 1.31:11 [World Science Festival]


Are we all living inside a virtual simulation? – 1.28:51


Consciousness in a Holographic Universe – 50:41


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How democratic is the Swedish Riksorganisationen UFO-Sverige?


A resolution or “en motion” as it is called in Swedish can be read below was sent to the Swedish Riksorganisationen UFO-Sverige to the annual meeting in Örebro 5 May 2012. It turned out out that the resolution arrived too late since the organization has a six week dead-line for resolutions before an annual meeting. It was therefore postponed to the annual meeting in May 2013. Here is the response from the national board of the Swedish Riksorganisationen UFO Sverige which met at AFU, Archive of UFO Research, in the town of Norrköping 10th of March, 2013:

“The board has read through the written text and concluded that the text miss any proposals and suggestions to changes and can therefore not be considered as a resolution.”

The board of Riksorganisationen stopped the resolution because it lacked formalities but did not inform about this decision before several weeks later when the six week dead-line to write a new resolution had passed. Incredible but true!

Despite the board had enough time to inform about its decision it didn’t bother to send any message before it was too late to send in a new resolution. In more than two weeks did the board keep silent on its decision. This means the board deliberately blocked a democratic option to write a new resolution, which in reality was the same as to sabotage the democratic process. This is far more serious than a text which is not perfect related to which proposals and concrete suggestions there are to be established.

We should not forget that Riksorganisationen don’t have any rules how a resolution is to be specifically formulated as far as undersigned is aware of. This means there are no statutes saying members can not write resolutions about the oppression on democracy in the organization just because there are no technical-practical suggestions how to change the existing situation.

The proposals to be established are that the organization opens for criticism in the magazine UFO Aktuellt. Organizes meetings with the members of today, subscribers of the magazine UFO Aktuellt and invites former members for a debate where Riksorganisationen is heading. Such a debate should lead to election of a new board which distance itself from the oppression of opinions under the former chairman Clas Svahn.

Let us add that the editorial board of the magazine UFO Aktuellt in 2012 took a decision that undersigned of this text is banned from advertising in the magazine without any reason than the leadership and the chairman have been criticized for lack of democracy. Editor Hakan Ekstrand bluntly declared on the phone before he cut off the conversation and hang up that he never will speak any more with undersigned. This is how members are treated in Riksorganisationen when they have courage to criticize. The leadership in the organization reacts by sharpening the oppression denying the right to advertise about the UFO phenomenon in the magazine UFO Aktuellt owned by the organization.

What we see the outlines of is corruption among some few friends backing each other to the benefit of their power of rule. It is a leadership speaking softly when people just are listening or asking innocent questions. But as we can read more in the text below is it a system which don’t hesitate to rule with undemocratic measures such as insults, boards which take their decisions behind the backs of the members and censorship in the debate – all backed by the leadership. What we face are typical in sects and structures ruled with dictatorship and where the arranged “democracy” is a frontage. One of the leaders in Riksorganisationen, Kaj Hahne, who in the local group Stockholms UFO Förening has presented himself as an ex-military, a police and who is part of the leadership in the organization has characterized claim that all members should have formal democratic rights to advertise in the magazine UFO Aktuellt as something “sick”. The documentation can be read further down in this text. In the world of the leadership of Riksorganisationen is a living democracy a sickness and dictatorial measures something healthy.

New resolutions were planned to be sent to Riksorganisationen UFO-Sverige in April or during May 2013 due to the sabotage by the board by not responding that the first in 2012 was too long and lacked concrete proposals. This didn’t happen and maybe it didn’t have such huge impact as the case had developed and all local group which were left had received a copy. But maybe we return later to the resolutions before the organization dissolve itself. One resolution will deal with the defects of democracy in the organization. The other why its magazine UFO Aktuellt has banned a member from advertising without other excuse other than criticism against the chairman Clas Svahn, as if criticism as such is banned instead of being something obvious. The third resolution will take up how a member can be excluded from the organization if a majority in a local board decides so without any democratic debate and vote among the local members or even among all members in the organization. The person or persons who are excluded will according to the rules of today only be granted some minutes to talk at the annual meeting of the organization.

My comments on the Zamora case will not be part of any resolution, which neither was part of the plan when the resolution was planned in the first place. The analysis of the case in the text further down is presented with aspects of how Riksorganisationen is conducting debunking with speculations and naive comments. The magazine UFO Aktuellt writes that “The most known contactee of the world is without doubt George Adamski (1891-1965)”. In Swedish; “Världens mest kända kontaktperson är utan tvekan George Adamski (1891-1965)”. See UFO Aktuellt number 3, 2010, pages 8-10. Not a single critical comment about a person who obviously claimed to have visited most of the planets in the solar system without any proof and without any scientific description of the presumed space travels. Only the gods must know how many planets and moons this joker has visited. Despite these obvious lack of seriousness has UFO Aktuellt presented him as some kind of representative of those who hold that the UFO phenomenon is connected to extra-terrestrial visitors because the aim is to ridicule the view that our planet somehow has been visited and still is. [27-04-2013: After criticism of this opportunism has the Swedish magazine UFO Aktuellt suddenly changed its position and wrote in a number from the end of April that Adamski is not serious after all.]



I have been a member of the local Stockholm UFO group since the 1990s. During these years have I experienced something I will characterize as lack of information to members, decisions have been made without any democratic procedure, member was denied information in an adequate way on the content in e-mail files suppose to be for the annual local meeting despite computer problems, badgering, abusive words and censorship in members’ bulletin in the local Stockholm UFO Association, STUFO.

From the chairman of Riksorganisationen, Clas Svahn, came an e-mail to undersigned which questioned that a person who is critical to cooperation with the Swedish military has anything to do in Riksorganisationen UFO-Sverige. To criticize cooperation with the Swedish military or similar cooperation i other countries when the official military UFO observations both can be falsified as well as half truths to protect the own surveillance capacity is obviously difficult to understand for the chairman of Riksorganisationen. This is as difficult to understand that it is a break against ethical-human criteria to establish organized cooperation with military authorities in Sweden and other countries because these institutions deliver armaments and logistic equipments to dictatorships which have committed crimes against the human rights.


1. No organized debate before or after the annual central meeting in Riksorganisationen
During my time in the Swedish Riksorganisationen UFO-Sverige since the 1990s has the central leadership not once sent out documents on the coming annual meeting for debate and opinions among the members. This has been the case from central instances and this has been the case in Stockholms UFO Förening or Association where I was located. Instead there was a culture which excluded members involvement. Important questions and decisions were kept in a small circle in the leadership while an organized debate was absent. Typical “reports” from the annual meetings on Internet did not deal with the issues from the annual meeting but can in fact be characterized more like travel information.

A typical report could be something like this: we met on a hotel a place in Sweden, opened the annual meeting the first day by accepting the agenda, this and that person talked about something, we concluded the first day with a report, walked thereafter together to a restaurant for food, drink and had a nice company. After dinner we went back to the hotel for some chat into late in the night before bedtime. The next day was the annual meeting completed with a shorter program. We took farewell and each participants went home. This has in principle been the annual report written on Internet without analysis, without debate and without going into the issues.

Just as there was no organized debate in the time before the annual meetings during all these years were there neither any organized debates on the decisions taken on the annual meetings. If members wanted to know which decisions were taken on the annual meeting of Riksorganisationen was it up to one and each as a private person to get in touch with the organization. The message from the leadership of Riksorganisationen was that the exercise of power and the activities of the organization were not something the members should be involved into. It is considered a case for a small circle of leaders with close relationship.

There was not any better in the local group association. In Stockholm UFO Förening were elections of representatives to the annual meeting of Riksorganisationen not handled with debate and proposals of different candidates. The usual procedure was that the board agreed upon one or some candidates for a quick acceptance. Not once was the candidate presented with what they wanted to do to improve the association, for instance such as getting more members. In the elections of local representatives were there never lifted up several alternative candidates. At an annual local meeting in Stockholms UFO Förening in Barkarby – it may have been in the beginning of the 2000s – one member in the board and also chairman of Riksorganisationen proposed a new member to the board who was not even present at the meeting. All the chairman told was mainly that “he is a good fellow”. Seconds later was the proposal decided with a ‘Yes’ from those present at the meeting as if elections of individuals not present was good enough because the chairman himself put his influence behind it.

2. Many years with reduced numbers of members without any organized debate where this was heading
At least from the year 2000 or at that time was there a steady reduction of members in Riksorganisationen year after year. The development with a huge reduction in numbers of members was not met by the leadership of the organization with meetings and debate where this was heading. In Stockholms UFO Förening were there in the middle of 1990s a top of some 100 members. In 2003 was the number of members down to 50 if my information is correct. In 2008 was the number of members 37, in 2009 just 33 members and in 2010 13 or 15 members left. Not once has the board of Stockholms UFO Förening taken any initiative to debate this development despite its knowledge what was going on. Neither the central board took any initiative to debate an issue which has the highest significance for the survival of the organization.

When Stockholms UFO Förening elected a new chairman with Svante Lilja spring 2008 took the board a decision to abandon the ordinary members meetings without informing the members. The board did not take initiative for debate in the local bulletin or calling members to meetings on the same issue. Not even after the decision to abandon the ordinary meetings were members informed. All happened behind the back of the members by the local board where also the chairman of Riksorganisationen Clas Svahn was a member.

When undersigned on the local annual meeting spring 2009 asked why there were no members meeting in 2008 and not even arranged a traditional Christmas meeting the same year came a short and tired answer from the same chairman who was responsible to abandon all the meetings behind the back of the members with the words; “We don’t have any time.”

Why accept to be a representative if there is no time to do basic tasks on the board? And why were decisions concerning the members taken behind their backs? The 28 members not on the board in 2008, I suppose there were 9 members inclusive 2 substitute members in the board 2008 as under 2010, were never called to any meeting where the board told it could not handle the tasks. In 2008, 2009 and 2010 there were no members meetings with exception for the annual meetings which were clubbed through in 15-20 minutes. On the other hand did the board have “time” for several own meetings which for each member must have taken at least a couple of hours including travel time. In 2010 when I was a substitute member of the board in Stockholms UFO Förening were there at least 5-6 meetings of the board, probable some more. To these meetings did not the board bother to invite the members to inform it did not have any time than just for itself.

There was tough resistance in the board against arrangement of members meetings. An argument put forward by Kaj Hahne who both was elected chairman and editor of the internal bulletin was that it would cost too much money. The truth was that Hahne on a board meeting in 2010 informed that the local group had a surplus of nearly 10.000 Swedish kronor. To rent a room for a meeting at Hartwickska Huset (House) on the street of St.Paulsgatan which was very close to the subway station would only cost some 200 kronor. It was an excellent alternative after leaving a meeting place in Barkarby, north-west of Stockholm City. These 200 were too expensive, was it said, despite the nearly 10.000 in the surplus. Nothing of the surplus was used to members meetings or other activities despite that the members were the source of the money.

Proposal that the local group could have a more social direction where alcohol was available was stamped as illegal by the chairman who told he as a police knew the law. But this was not true. That private parties can’t serve alcohol was just a cheap trick to put forward the plans to lay down all activities and dismantle the organization. The alcohol information group in the police of Stockholm told by phone to undersigned that all private parties in Sweden in principle are allowed to serve alcohol. However, it is not legal to sell without permission or sell at a place where the owner has a permission without this is accepted by the owner. In the case of Hartwickska Huset was this no problem since the owner did not have a alcohol permission which could block any private consumption of alcohol at a meeting. Normal consumption of alcohol was OK, the House said. However, beer, wine and something to eat got the thumb down as well as arranging UFO parties open for all. All proposals got a negative response while the rest of the board didn’t dare to protest. The reason was that Clas Svahn gave his support to the local chairman which was enough for the majority to follow.

During my time at the board in 2010 were most of the board meetings at a small café on the street Odengatan in central Stockholm, between Odenplan and Sankt Eriksplan which always was packed with customers and where it was not so easy to have a normal conversation. Proposal to have the meetings at Stockholm University was not supported. The reason I guess was that the meeting place at a café shop was some few hundred meters from Hahne’s private apartment. All was to happen fast, simple and to the lowest cost without any members activities. Hahne and the majority of the board with quite support from Clas Svahn decided the group should meet on the Internet. To meet as physical humans beings in fellowship belongs to the old days, was it repeated over and over again in the internal e-mail debate of the board. The argument that such a way to organize open the field for a small group to exploit the resources just as it fits and displace the members to the role as consumers and spectators in their “own” organization was dismissed as it was new times now. In reality was all talk not to arrange members meetings part of a plan into the future to abolish members activities in favour of those individuals who long time ago took the initiative to establish Riksorganisationen UFO-Sverige. Kaj Hahne and Clas Svahn fought hard to put the local group into a mothballed situation with only undersigned in opposition at the board. Kaj Hahne was eager to underline over and over again how important it was that the money must not be used but saved for an eventual later transmission to Riksorganisationen. In its central leadership was Clas Svahn. Kaj Hahne also belonged to the same leadership. Now we maybe understand something more of this double play with oppression of opinion and manipulations of the members democracy in a local group which in the middle of 1990s had some 100 members ended the way it did.


On the annual in Stockholm UFO Förening (Association) spring 2010 was I elected as a substitute member of the board. A substitute member is called to a board meeting when an ordinary member inform it will be absent. When Anneli Sarre, the newly elected chairman from the annual meeting, left the position some few months later and vice-chairman Kaj Hahne took over was this exercised with information to the 7 permanent members of the board and probably to Clas Svahn who at that time was a substitute member of the board, only. Undersigned and the other members were not informed at all. First several weeks later were we informed what happened during that summer. It also turned out that Kaj Hahne not even was elected as vice-chairman on the annual meeting 2010 which had the formal right to decide on representatives but on the constituated meeting of the board with no such rights. Not even the point of this basic principle was understood by the board. The chairman of Riksorganisationen UFO-Sverige was silent both on the absent of information to the members as well as the procedure of election.

This parody of a living democracy reminds me how a proposal at the 2009 annual meeting was handled. At the meeting proposed undersigned of a poster competition for Riksorganisationen UFO-Sverige. The proposal was supported by the majority. In point 18 was it later written in Stockholm UFO-News: “Poster: – ‘can’t we be seen are vi not present’. Clas put forward a view that UFO-Sverige (Ekstrand) was going to help with free printing. The board was given a task to evaluate the question.” The last moment in the quotation is not in accordance with what happened. The annual meeting did not say anything about the board to “evaluate” the proposal which was decided. The board was given a task to do what was decided, but it didn’t. The phrase “to evaluate” which was written in Stockholm UFO-News was just a construction afterwards to put the case it in mothballs and thereafter bloc a democratic decision which also happened. A year later still nothing happened in this simple case which was all about spreading posters about UFO meetings at schools, universities, libraries and other relevant places. The new chairman 2010, Kaj Hahne, just brushed away the whole decision on a poster competition without any counter-decision on the annual meeting in 2010. With exception of undersigned were there no protests from other members of the board against this sidestepping of a democratic decision.

There was in principle the same rule from the top as under another chairman Svante Lilja, 2008-2010, when the board decided to abolish members meetings with neither any vote among the members nor any information afterwards.

3. Member denied proper information on content in e-mail files about new statutes; ‘Go and buy yourself a computer’
In late autumn 2010 the chairman Kaj Hahne sent 3 computer files in an e-mail which ought to be ment for a “debate” to change the activity and direction of Stockholms UFO Förening och Riksorganisationen UFO-Sverige. At the time didn’t undersigned have any functioning computer and couldn’t open the computer files. When undersigned asked the newly elected chairman – who was not even elected correct as a vice-chairman at an annual meeting with formal right to decide on the task of elections but on an newly constituted board without the same right – if he could print out the files and send it as a normal letter or put the information on the web side of Stufo, Stockholms UFO Förening, came the following replies from the chairman:

Kaj Hahne, 2010-12-10:
“… If you have problem with the computer; there are many extra prices just now, you should by a laptop for below 5000:- så will your problems be solved.”

Original e-mail text in Swedish:
“… Om du har datorproblem; det är fullt av extrapriser nu, du bör kunna köpa en laptop för under 5000:- så är dina problem lösta.”

Kaj Hahne, 2010-12-11:
“I/ we have not time to do what you are unable to solve, namely how to use a computer. If you can not do that, don’t bother us with laments. If you can not read, your problem, solve it before you complain against others. And from your answer I understand that you believe we are a completely different form of association than what we really are. As I have asked before; do you fix yourself what you hold others should do?”

Original e-mail text in Swedish:
“Jag/ vi har inte tid att göra det du inte själv klarar ut, nämligen att lära dig använda en dator. Om du inte kan detta, stör oss inte med litanior. Kan du inte läsa, ditt problem, lös det innan du klagar på andra. Och av ditt svar förstår jag att du tror att vi är en helt annan form av förening än vad vi verkligen är. Som jag tidigare frågat; fixar du själv vad du anser att andra skall göra?”

Kaj Hahne, 2010-12-14:
“Your computer problems are yours and yours, only, now can you buy a computer at El-Giganten for less than 4000:-”

Original e-mail text in Swedish:
“Dina datorproblem är dina och endast dina, nu kan du köpa en dator på El-Giganten för under 4000:-”

According to Hahne was it a privilege to claim access to information despite a member has no working computer. To ask for a service which is paid through membership was met with scorn and despise. The information was not even put up on the local website. Kaj Hahne who has presented himself as an ex-military and ex-police didn’t understand that a precondition for a democratic handling of an issue is that all members get access to the information. The logic put forward from the chairman Kaj Hahne with a quite acceptance from Clas Svahn, the chairman of Riksorganisationen UFO-Sverige, was that members who don’t have any computer or access to Internet at all, a computer which in my case didn’t work properly, members who are too sick or too old to walk or travel to a library to read all there, should be denied access to members’ information in an adequate way with an ordinary letter. Thereby did they and the majority of the board accept the principle to sabotage the democratic preconditions for a democratic debate related to the new statutes of the whole organization. In my case was I forced to go to a library and during some hours write out the information by hand. To print the files would be too expansive due to the numbers of pages of at least 20, probably some more. This was the so-called “democracy” under Kaj Hahne and Clas Svahn; scorn and sabotage of the democratic process.

Any meetings with debate were never organized with exception for the internal e-mail debate of the board. The other members outside the board was never informed and never invited to a common meeting for all to have their say. According to information from Kaj Hahne on the annual meeting in the beginning of 2011 were there 15 members in January the same year with newly “two new members”. This means the local group had 13 members late autumn 2010 and that 4 of the members were not on the board. All these 13 members never met together to reason and debate the statutes and decide on the future of the local association. With several common meetings for all members and a serious exchange of ideas in a democratic atmosphere would of course the outcome be different due to the logic of all arguments face to face. Unfortunately where there any such meetings. When there is lack of democracy will instead authoritarian structures fill the gap, especially in organizations with strong and intolerant leaders. The outcome of the group in Stockholm was therefore partly sealed when debates and meetings were dismissed.

Sometime under 2011 was the local association dissolved after a period as an investigation group.

4. Member denied debate article in the local members bulletin of Stockholm UFO Association
Kaj Hahne who was both a chairman and editor of Stockholm’s UFO Förening (Association) was also personal responsible for the two numbers of the members bulletin in the end of 2010 where only opinions of his own and the majority of the board were presented.In the next to the last number of the bulletin in 2010 was it called on the members by the editor to write articles but an article written by undersigned to each and one of the two numbers was not printed despite a lot of space in the columns and few pages. To put it in clear words did it mean the editor established a system of total censorship of my analysis of where Riksorganisationen and Stockholms UFO Förening were heading. No other members of the board protested against the censorship. The chairman of Riksorganisationen, Clas Svahn, who was on the board as a substitute member received a copy of what was going on but denied to distanced himself from the censorship. Instead he defended it in an e-mail to undersigned 2010-12-22 with the following words: “I have full confidence in Kaj Hahne.” (Swedeish text: “Jag har fullt förtroende för Kaj Hahne.”

Left over was one opinon, one leader and a leadership who had total monoply on the opinions in the members bulletin during 2-3 months up to the local annual meeting in January 2011. Undersigned sent a short resolution to the annual meeting in Stockholms UFO Förening which was printed in the local bulletin which only had some 3-4 A4 sheets which honestly looked like a rag, without headline and hasty written text with lack of design. This was the so-called “democracy” of debate in Stockholms UFO Förening with censorship in 90% of the time before the annual meeting and poor “democracy” in 10% up to the annual meeting without any information to the other members outside the board.

5. The Majority of the board did not bother to participate in the annual meeting and answer the criticism
To the annual meeting in January 2011 did not the majority of the board bother to participate. The majority of the board didn’t bother to come to the annual meeting which is its obligation according to all democratic principles. All was instead decided in forehand. The majority of the board had sent procurations and written statements where it supported the dictatorial measures and the existing policy to put the association in mothball. The annual meeting therefore never became what it should have been. It became a farce!

Long time before the annual meeting had undersigned sent in issues to the agenda. These were not included in the printed agenda of the annual meeting. When this was mentioned and a proposal to put up the issues in a complementary proposal at the meeting was this also harshly dismissed by the leader of the meeting Kaj Hahne. In a contribution of the debate did undersigned read from a written text but was constantly interrupted by the leader of the meeting Hahne and Svante Lilja with “stop now”, “that’s enough”, “we have heard enough” and similar attempts to stop the free speech. There were no democratic debate and no votes on the annual meeting among the 5 participants – 4 from the board and 1 ordinary member. Under a proposal for election of a chairman did a former chairman Svante Lilja, same person who in his period 2008-2010 was responsible to abolish all members meeting behind their backs and not even inform the members afterwards of the decision, that Kaj Hahne should be elected chairman. Neither now was there any debate or vote. There was not informed if Hahne had support from the other 5 of the boards who were absent in written statements. All points this to be the case and that ‘Hahne was their man’.

6. Insults and false accusation to spread a computer virus
In every organization with lack of democracy, rule from the top and authoritarian methods is the power exercised with arrogance, insults, intolerance and censorship. The purpose is to dehumanize those who criticize the leadership to make it easier to come forward with dictatorial measures with open oppression.

Exactly this happened in Stockholm UFO Association- In the autumn of 2010 Kaj Hahne did not only succeed to abolish the right to get adequate access to information in computer files which could not be open due to computer problems, censorship and an absence of a living democracy. Insults like ‘paranoid’ were often used in the internal e-mail “debate” of the board. Here are some examples:

Kaj Hahne, 2010-10-19:
“…Do something that make sense, such as keep onion crops!

Original e-mail text in Swedish:
“…Ägna dig åt något vettigt, som att bevara lökgrodor!

Kaj Hahne, 2010-12-10:
“You are pondering too much! Which resources do we have? What are you doing, besides to believe we are a einsttzgruppe? And obviously do you remember little what was said at the the meeting. Take a ski trip! /KH”

Original e-mail text in Swedish:
“Du grubblar för mycket! Vilka resurser har vi? Vad gör du, utöver att tro att vi en en einstzttsgruppe? Och uppenbarligen minns du lite av vad som sas vid mötet. Ta en skidtur! /KH”

(Here is Kaj Hahne holding undersigned believed Stockholms UFO Förening was a Nazi liquidation group, which is a lie. )

Kaj Hahne 2011-10-21:
“That you are ignorant is no excuse, that is possible to change, but up to now have you not made any effort. That you are directly paranoid can we others not help you with. Why, with a whole world beyond are you haunting UFO Sweden? Sick!”

Original e-mail text in Swedish:
“Att du är okunnig är ingen ursäkt, det går att förändra, men hittills har du inte gjort några försök. Att du är direkt paranoid kan vi andra inte hjälpa dig med. Varför, med en hel värld bortom hemsöker du UFO Sverige? Sjukt!”


Hahne came with the following comment when undersigned was banned from advertising in the Swedish magazine UFO Aktuellt after criticizing Kaj Hahne and Clas Svahn to have abolished several of the democratic rights in Stockholms UFO Förening:

Kaj Hahne, 2011-10-21:
“Mean you should send this litany to all newspapers and to the prosecutor, you are of course so exposed to prosecution! /KH
PS even DO and Jämo!”

Original e-mail text in Swedish:
“Tycker du skall skicka den här litanian till alla tidningar och till riksåklagaren, du är ju SÅ utsatt för förföljelse! /KH
PS även DO och Jämo!”

[‘Riksåklagaren’ is here the national prosecutor of Sweden. DO is the Discrimination Ombudsman, Jämo is Equality Ombudsman but later changed to DO. My comment, Kvidal]

Kaj Hahne, 2011-10-21:
“That you are directly paranoid can we others not help you with. Why, with a whole world beyond do you haunt UFO Sverige? Sick! You did not even know what AFU was about. Try dance, get yourself a woman on Göta Källare, do something else than to sit and ponder! KH”

Original e-mail text in Swedish:
“Att du är direkt paranoid kan vi andra inte hjälpa dig med. Varför, med en hel värld bortom hemsöker du UFO Sverige? Sjukt! Du visste ju inte ens vad AFU vad. Pröva med dans, skaffa dig en kvinna på Göta Källare, gör något annat än att sitta och grubbla! KH”

[Hahne kept holding undersigned did not believe what AFU, Archive for UFO Research was all about!!! He also kept arguing undersigned believed the space of AFU was only 30m^2, i.e. as a small student room!!!]


Hahne did not shy way for a bold assertion where he openly hinted that undersigned has sent a computer virus to the members of the board, “trojan”, which was the heading of his e-mail. He and a former chairman, Svante Lilja, had got problems with their computers and suspected neither with indications nor evidences that undersigned was the source. As if it possible to send viruses as plain text!!!

Kaj Hahne, 2010-12-15:
“Further: I have just cleansed out some shit from the computer, which comes from your address. Which virus program are you driving? Think after all not been updated and several have been infected. Your comments will therefore not be read but in self defence be deleted.”

Original e-mail text in Swedish:
“Vidare: Jag har just rensat ut div. skit från datorn, som kommer från din adress. Vilket virusprogram kör du? Tycks i alla fall inte vara uppdaterat och fler har drabbats. Dina inlägg kommer därför inte att läsas utan i självförsvar raderas.”

The fact was that the only person who in e-mails has sent out computer files about new statutes for Riksorganisationen and the local association in Stockholm to the members of the board was Kaj Hahne himself. Incredible but true! These files did he probably receive from the leadership of Riksorganisationen. If Hahne and a former chairman Svante Lilja have got computer virus they should have looked closer on the source of the computer files. But that was out of question because the false accusation that undersigned spread a virus was meant to chase away those who dare to criticize the lack of democracy in the organization. It was the same purpose with the abusive talk, denial of information of the content of the files and the censorship.

Power hierarchy

7. Take the man – not the ball
Clas Svahn, 2011-03-07:
You have never subscribed to UFO Aktuellt.
You have never put your foot on AFU. [The UFO archive, Kvidal]
You have never read a line in Raport News.
You have never investigated any UFO case or done a course of how to do that.
You have never read a book by me, Hakan Blomqvist or any other in the association.
You have never been to a lecture by me or any other in the association.
You have never been on an annual meeting of Riksorganisationen.
You have never phoned any in the board of UFO Sweden to discuss your ideas and criticism.
You have shortly told never bothered to find out the least what we are doing, opinions or how we are working. Still you hold you know something about us and that we ought to listen to you and your long tirades. Don’t you think it is funny no-one care? I don’t think so. Thank you and farewell.
Clas Svahn

Original e-mail text in Swedish:
Du har aldrig varit prenumerant på UFO-Aktuellt.
Du har aldrig satt din fot på AFU.
Du har aldrig läst en rad i Rapport-Nytt.
Du har aldrig undersökt ett ufofall eller gått en kurs för att lära dig att göra det.
Du har aldrig läst en bok av mig, Håkan Blomqvist eller någon annan i föreningen.
Du har aldrig varit på ett föredrag med mig eller någon annan i föreningen.
Du har aldrig varit på en riksstämma.
Du har aldrig ringt någon i styrelsen för UFO-Sverige för att diskutera dina idéer och kritik.
Du har kort sagt aldrig brytt dig om att ta reda på det minsta om vad vi gör, står för eller hur vi arbetar. Ändå anser du att du vet något om oss och att vi ska lyssna på dig och dina långa tirader. Tycker du att det är konstigt att ingen bryr sig? Det tycker inte jag. Tack och hej.
Clas Svahn

Most of what the chairman of Riksorganisationen UFO Sverige wrote here was not true. Clas Svahn must be very surprised to hear that the huge majority of the members throughout the years have never been to an annual meeting of Riksorganisationen, not visited the UFO archive in Norrköping which is an independent foundation and not participated at an UFO course. The relevance in criticism against lack of democracy has neither to do with how active those who criticize have been in the organization.

The deeper message in the comment of Clas Svahn is that only persons who have been active in Riksorganisationen should have full democratic rights while the huge majority of members who have not been active should have less democratic rights. This is in line with how both the national board and in Stockholm have taken their decision without anchoring the decision among the members and when someone present criticism will this be met with abuse, insults and censorship.

When the chairman of Riksorganisationen UFO-Sverige face criticism of oppression of democratic rights exercised from both the central board and in the local Stockholms UFO Förening is he responding by taking the man but not the ball. Svahn is more interested in if the person who criticize has been subscribed to the magazine UFO Aktuellt, if the person has visited the UFO archive or visited the annual meeting of the organization, etc. Clas Svahn reacts with taking the man and not the ball, i.e. personal attacks, since the criticism is hitting the undemocratic way he and some few others have ruled the organization. It reveals a system where some few are superior all the others. Therefore has Svahn no other methods than to attack the individual and shy away from what the debate is all about, exactly the way Kaj Hahne has done as chairman in Stockholm.

It is not surprise Clas Svahn in an e-mail to the board of Stockholms UFO Förening wrote the following in a reply to undersigned:

Clas Svahn, 2010-12-22:
“I have full confidence in Kaj Hahne.”

The original e-mail text in Swedish:
“Jag har fullt förtroende för Kaj Hahne.”

Several so-called “arguments” in the e-mail 2011-03-07 from the chairman of Riksorganisationen are untrue, with exception that I have not been on the annual meeting of the organization, visited the UFO archive and not phoned anyone in the leadership which is unnecessary when there has been a debate in the board of Stockholms UFO association where Svahn and Hahne were on the board.

The knowledge of undersigned concerning observations of unidentified objects are excellent after one year of surveillance at one of the biggest military airports in the NATO country Norway. I have been on a meeting in Barkarby where Svahn was present, for instance a meeting where Svahn lectured with projector pictures and welcomed undersigned by shaking hands. My book reading is also of interest for Clas Svahn, probably because he wants to demonstrate his own knowledges. Even if it is irrelevant in the context can I inform I in fact have read a book by Svahn several years ago. But as most of the members in the organization none of Hakan Blomqvist. However, I have read some 50-60 UFO books mainly by English and American writers, between 100-200 articles in different international UFO magazines and written analysis myself of the UFO phenomenon. In addition have I also at one occasion sent money to the UFO archive in Norrköping even if this don’t say so much about the content of my criticism of the top-rule and oppression of democracy under Clas Svahn in Riksorganisationen UFO-Sverige.

The role of Clas Svahn in Riksorganisationen is important since he has been a central person for many years. We must conclude a chairman who with open eyes support oppression of basic democratic rights in the organization manifests how the leadership also is thinking and justifying their own power of rule. Up to now are there no signs that the way Kaj Hahne and Clas Svahn is acting is not supported by the majority of the central board or that Hahne and Svahn is conspiring behind the back of the board. That undersigned happened to present criticism which made these old leaders to react was a symptom of deeper problems.

To sum up:
Despite many years of huge setbacks in number of members has the central board in Riksorganisationen never bothered to start a debate where the organization was heading. In 2000 was Riksorganisationen 30 years old but not celebrating with a taking up this crucial issue. All the debate has been limited to the top leadership, hidden from the majority of the members. It is therefore no surprise that under Svahn as chairman there neither was any organized debates before and after the annual meetings. As a member of the board in the Stockholm association did not Svahn react when the board under Svante Lilja 2008-2010 behind the back of the members in 2008 abolished all ordinary members meetings. The members which were some 26 or 27 outside the board were not even informed after the decision. Can you who are reading this grasp what is behind such a structure? The chairman of Riksorganisationen did not even react when a member of the board with computer problems and not able to open e-mail files on new statutes was denied to get the information in another adequate way. That the members were not informed before weeks later when the local chairman had to leave the tasks and the vice-chairman took over was in this context a detail in a landscape of rule cut in stone and hard to change. The chairman in Riksorganisationen did not react when the newly elected local chairman in Stockholm without any indications or evidence hinted that undersigned was spreading a computer virus. The truth was that the only who had sent out e-mail files to be opened by the members of the board was the local chairman himself which he probably got from some in the leadership of Riksorganisationen.

When Hahne blocked debate articles written by undersigned from be printed in the local bulletin autumn 2010 in Stockholm UFO Förening was Clas Svahn silent. He did not bother because the ex-military and police Kaj Hahne was a loyal instrument to establish censorship. Insults and hate words was accepted by the chairman of Riksorganisationen because it was part of a policy to hunt down and drive out a critical member from the organization. If one is questioning cooperation with the state military – an apparatus which is part of the state and business in Sweden and other countries arming regimes duty of crimes against the human rights – then is the opinion of the central chairman that those who hold that just can leave the organization despite the fact that there are no statutes saying such an opinion is banned.


This is the result when leaders in Riksorganisationen sit on their positions, not only for some few years but for many years. Not only that! They have been part of the leadership for decades and during all these years never hesitated to bully people who dared to criticize. With a permanent ticket to the leadership in Riksorganisationen have they made a position in the international UFO debate giving them a bigger ego which under the existing authoritarian circumstances have tied them even harder to the apparatus that lifted them up in the first place. These leaders identify themselves fully with the bureaucracy and the power manifesting the same structure. That is the deeper reason why they are intolerant and undemocratic. They sit glued to their chairs and when they nevertheless had to leave have they already guaranteed that those who take over are loyal. The purpose is to guarantee the continuity and the power structure which the ex-leaders, their children, friends, acquaintances and partners will be connected to. These women and men have melted into the apparatus and look upon what are said and written to control and hunt away all with a potential to challenge the existing hierarchical authorities of thy few in the top.

We have already read about the bullying, the insults, despise, decisions of local and central boards taken behind the backs of members, censorship, repression against advertisement in UFO Aktuallt, etc. It was therefore in the footsteps of the same when undersigned some time in 2010 called a representative of a local UFO group and asked about ideas how to get more members was Svahn there commenting. The conversation lasted some 4-5 minutes and the person who answered the phone talked some 80-90% of the time while undersigned asked some few questions. It turned out that Clas Svahn was informed about this private telephone conversation and responded by sending an e-mail saying undersigned must have no clue whatsoever about members activities. That the purpose not was to debate but to get ideas took Svahn as evidence the caller did not know anything about members activities. When Clas Svahn was asked in e-mail why he believed undersigned didn’t know anything because it was asked question what other members had for ideas did he not responds. Watching the members like an eagle, paternalistic, belittling and declaring that any unofficial contact not granted by the leaders is noticed and should be denounced.

Even if there are no material benefits to belong to an undemocratic leadership in Riksorganisationen is the privilege of a different kind. It is a social-psychological need created by the hierarchical and undemocratic structures. It is important to be aware of this because these structures in history manifest themselves ruthlessly. Where there in addition are lack of resources will the hierarchies give birth to extreme solutions. Those who climb such structures will quite soon be aware of where they are. Those who refuse to submit will face the same kind of oppression as in Riksorganisationen and in similar small and big structures which are led by a small group of people. But also in a wider context in the working places since these are owned by some few. And in the state apparatuses as well where the most terrible atrocities in mankind have been organized and committed.

People who have been part of the small or bigger power structure of the elite are also impotent to think outside the own positions because this would jeopardize their own different levels of power and privileges.

This is not a typical “Swedish” phenomenon but can be found in all countries without any exception. The metaphorical to be said about Sweden is that it is a society with clear signs of “German” discipline and “Russian” control. It is a country where people from the cradle to the grave are conditioned to be loyal to the apparatuses, to the leadership, the leaders, the state and the business elites. Sweden is a corporative state even of the open oppression of fascism is not yet out here on the streets. It is a country where the state and business elites hold that the support to Nazi-Germany in WW2 “despite all” was “necessary”. They would say the same if it was Stalinism they gave support to for profit.

Let us remind Clas Svahn, Kaj Hahne and other undemocratic and authoritarian “leaders” in Riksorganisationen that without all the members throughout the years, all help for free, all contributions sent to the organization including my own small contribution sent to the UFO archive years back and not to forget all who have contributed with information of UFO encounters that without all this would Riksorganisationen never existed.

8. Member banned from advertising in UFO Aktuellt after criticism against lack of democracy in Riksorganisationen
In a short telephone conversation 25 October 2011 Clas Svahn told undersigned was banned from advertising in UFO Aktuellt. The reason was because undersigned was, in Swedish, “a rättshavarist”. This is a person who dares to challenge authorities and keep doing so to the end. In the world of Clas Svahn is this something very wrong. Another explanation is that he holds that people who private stand up for what they consider a struggle for justice in the society in the name of intolerance should be branded the same way. To criticize means censorship and will someone advertise is this banned despite that Riksorganisationen don’t have any statutes which gives the editorial board any right to such repression against people who are members.

When the editorial board on UFO Aktuellt took the decision that undersigned was to be banned from advertising did it not with a single word mention the rights for debate and criticism as something elementary and important. A representative from the editorial board, Hakan Ekstrand, informed that I was to be stopped from advertising because my criticism was “political”. “Politics”? That it was as much “politics” to defend oppression of opinions, defend insults and censorship didn’t those who took the decision care much about because we are dealing with an undemocratic board coloured by friendship corruption.


Let us remind Clas Svahn, Kaj Hahne and other in the leadership of Riksorganisationen that without all members throughout the years, all support from many people, all contributions, all who have sent in reports on UFO observations, without all these people would the organization not exist at all.

9. The paragraph of Riksorganisationen for exclusion of members has no option for those accused to a democratic vote among members
From an annual meeting in Kalmar 2010-05-22 has Riksorganisationen UFO Sverige a paragraph dealing with members threatened by exclusion.

It is no democratic paragraph since it don’t grant those who are facing exclusion to have their case brought to the members for a democratic vote. Quite the opposite is it a paragraph where an occasional small majority of the board can decide who they dislike and hold don’t fit in while those accused are not granted any rights than to speak some minutes on the annual meeting of Riksorganisationen. In Riksorganisationen UFO-Sverige, paragraph 17, paragraph 10 in Stockholms UFO Förening and in the overview for normal statutes in Riksorganisationen, can a small majority of the board act both as a procecutor, judge and executor in one and the same person.

“Paragraph 17. Exclusion
Local association or a single member not submitting to the aim of Riksorganisationen or statutes or behave in a way it damage the reputation of Riksorganisationen, may be excluded through a decision of the board. Member in local association can only be excluded in agreement with responsible board in local association. Decision can be challenged on the annual meeting of Riksorganisationen.”

The original text in Swedish:
“Paragraf 17. Uteslutning
“Lokalförening eller enskild medlem som ej följer riksorganisationens målsättning eller stadgar eller uppträder så att organisationens anseende skadas, kan uteslutas genom beslut i styrelsen. Medlem i lokalförening kan endast uteslutas i samförstånd med ansvarig styrelse i lokalförening. Beslut prövas av efterföljande riksstämma.”

The exclusion paragraph of Riksorganisationen is nothing than tool to coup through an exclusion behind the back of the members. It is a system typical known from dictatorships. Put this in the context of what we have documented in oppression of opinions, insults, boards on local and national level which have taken decisions behind the backs of the members and not implemented democratic debates, implemented censorship and established a system of banning members from advertising in UFO Aktuellt if they dare to criticize what is called oppression of democracy. What are we going to call this system?

10. How to make analysis of UFO cases – speculations with invented explanations
Let me in at the end here come with a small sidetrack which partly is connected with what is written earlier in the text. My impression of many analysis in the magazine UFO Aktuellt is that it it concentrating hard to find natural explanations to UFO reports and deliberately excludes other intelligent life forms behind the objects. This don’t lead in the right direction if the basic foundation is to be objective. The very method of being objective is first of all is to report what can be observed and measured with scientific instruments. But the aim of research is not just a description from distance. It also include looking for a pattern, methods, character and conclusions.

Because we today can not travel faster than the speed of light and that we consider the distances in the universe to be extreme does not mean this view is cut in stone forever. Saying that it is impossible for long distance space travels only means to look into the future with the stone age technology we have related to a civilizations some 10 million years ahead of us. We can not exclude anything than we can not do today, here and now. To say that future civilizations can not do extreme long space travels because we can’t do it today is nothing than a moralistic analysis. But this is exactly the position of Riksorganisationen UFO-Sverige called the third way of analysis. I hold this narrow analysis is a wrong position even if we today don’t know so much about the source of the UFO objects.

[Kari Rajanen has accepted his picture to be presented with his name. The painter has nothing to do with the opinion in the text.]

The case with the police officer Lonnie Zamora in the small town of Socorro in New Mexico, US, is such a high interesting case which the magazine UFO Aktuellt believes can be explained by empty speculations which contradict Zamora’s report.

In the Internet article of UFO Aktuellt is the following written:
“1996 he again happened to read about the Socorro incident and the bits of the puzzle began to fall into their place. All the observed effects alarmingly fit into precisely a balloon, let it be a model smaller. Robinson thinks the following scenario: At touch down of the balloon was the burner closed down. Probably was a flat triangular platform used which according to information existed before 1966. Probably were the platform and the burner turned over on the side when the balloon landed. This can explain both the marks on the ground and the impression of legs which pointed out from the craft. It can also explain why a bush caught fire when the burner turned towards the ground.”

Original text in Swedish:
“1996 råkade han återigen läsa om Socorro-incidenten och pusselbitarna började falla på plats. Alla dom observerade effekterna passade oroväckande bra in på just en ballong, låt vara modell mindre. Robinson tänker sig följande scenario: När ballongen landade stängdes brännaren av. Antagligen användes en platt triangulär plattform som enligt uppgifter fanns före 1966. Troligen välte både plattform och brännare på sidan när ballongen landade. Detta kan då både förklara märkena i marken och intrycket av ben som stack ut från farkosten. Det kan också förklara varför en buske blev antänd när brännaren vändes mot marken.”

“Balloon” which on a distance of some 150m looked like a car and where Zamora told he saw two small figures close to the object has nothing to do with the speculations written in UFO Aktuellt. If it was an ordinary hot air balloon which could lift up at least two persons and in addition a basket or a “platform” written in UFO Aktuellt must the lift capacity of the balloon at least be some 150 kg. Such a balloon had to be very big, maybe 10 meters high or higher. None of these preconditions are part of Zamora’s description. He wrote in his report: “It looks like a balloon.” Here is he talking about the form and not an ordinary hot air balloon.

If a balloon is dragged on the ground will it give prolonged marks. There were no such marks. Instead distinct marks from a very heavy object. In addition is a gas burner not pointing downwards when landing in a gliding way but upwards and only partly horizontal. In the report of Zamora is it written that the object had a flame which shot out straight downwards at take off. A hot air balloon’s burner is pointing the opposite direction. Nothing is correct in the speculations in UFO Aktuellt, neither at the landing of the object nor at take off.

UFO Aktuellt wrote further:
“Suddenly is the sound and flame ceasing, and he is now watching the object glides away…”

The original text in Swedish:
“Plötsligt upphör både ljudet och lågorna, och han ser nu farkosten glida iväg…”

That the sound disappeared is probably because what Zamora actually wrote the frequency became steadily higher. When this happens will there by a point where the hear organ of humans can not register any sound. As we see are higher sound and frequency not the same that the propulsion system of the craft ceased to work and became dependent on the wind which UFO Aktuellt is hinting. When a hot air balloon is taking off is the sound not disappearing and the ascension also takes several minutes. Not even this is according to the report of Lonnie Zamora. In fact he wrote this: “Object was travelling very fast.”


Further in the article of UFO Aktuellt:
“In addition were there some anecdotes over things that happened along this history. One of these anecdotes was about an incident when they at a landing believed to be attacked by a police man. It was told something like this …’It seemed the balloon really scared him’ and… ‘later we heard that he seemed to believe it was a spaceship he had seen’.”

The original text in Swedish:
“Dessutom fanns en del anekdoter över händelser längs färden. En av dessa anekdoter handlade om en incident när de vid en landning trodde att de skulle bli attackerade av en polisman. Det berättades något i stil med …”det verkade som om ballongen skrämde slag på honom” och… “senare hörde vi att han hade fått för sig att det var ett rymdskepp han hade sett”.

Here is it referred to people who have been on a travel with a hot air balloon and that they saw a scared police. But no names or source are mentioned. US is a very big country which at the time maybe had some 250 million humans at the time. Should there be so difficult to fine people who had travelled with a hot air balloon who had passed over a human being in uniform? The balloon story has nevertheless proven to be far-fetched related to many factors in Zamora’s witness report.

UFO Aktuellt even mentions the name of the corporation International Paper which had a similar symbol Lonnie Zamora happen to draw. But what proves this anything than similarities to something Zamora interpreted as a symbol? On a flying object isn’t it so difficult to find something similar to a symbol. Some lines, circles and an edge can be interpreted as a symbol but can also be markings to a door, hatch or a technological device just as on modern jet aeroplanes. Something which resembles don’t say anything more than just that. US is a country with market business mentality everywhere and we shouldn’t be surprised that some of the registered corporation have a symbol with an arrow, triangle and a circle since such symbols are common geometric design. Neither should we forget that a corporation receiving news quite fast can exploit it to the own benefit without this proves the corporation is the very source of what happened.

In the report is it not written that Lonnie Zamora walked on the gravel road down to the craft. At first he stopped and left the car to have a better look and thereafter he drove further. On this short distance of maybe 150-200 meters did he drive behind a small hill. When he passed the hill and stopped the car did he hear a sound which reminded him of closing a door. Also this points away from the theory of a hot air balloon.

What really is interesting is the two small figures, two small persons, he saw from the distance.

There are two explanations the magazine UFO Aktuellt did not come forward with in the Zamora case. The first is that Zamora lied. While he did not care to earn money from his story and only risked being ridiculed? Is that logical by a police officer? The other explanation UFO Aktuellt has not mentioned is that Zamora witnessed a radio controlled craft with two small apes dressed in white overalls trained to jump out as the craft landed and the door opened. On a certain signal or something like that would the apes climb back into the craft for some kind of reward while the door automatic closed before the craft with jet propulsion took off and flew fast in direction of the mountains in South West. Does it seem to be a probable explanation when these presumed apes neither acted like apes nor gave any ape sound from themselves? Maybe we should add another guess that their vocal chords had been removed. Such a huge research project would have involved several tens of people and at least one of them would in the end of the life revealed the truth. No such revelation has happened some 50 years after what Lonnie Zamora experienced in Socorro, April 1964.

Why all this about a UFO case when the resolution is about lack of democracy in Riksorganisationen? Because by twisting what Lonnie Zamora actually said in a police report is the Swedish Riksorganisationen distancing itself from encounters where crafts have been seen on the ground with small individuals. An organization with positive testimonials from political state parties in Sweden, has good relations to a big and influential institution in US as National Geographic, close cooperation with police and military in Sweden is no independent organization but influenced by the own friends. It is no surprise the leadership in Riksorganisationen holds it is not its task to challenge the official state authorities which denies the UFO phenomenon reveals strange crafts are supervising our planet. In fact one of the known profiles in the Swedish Riksorganisationen claims all the sightings and reports of identified flying crafts are no scientific evidence that they are for real. As an historian (economic-historian) will I say such a method has more to do with pure debunking of something we don’t fully understand.


Some few years before Stockholms UFO Association (Förening) was dissolved some time between 2011 and 2012, was there a number of the local membership bulletin with a photo. It was a picture of some persons, members of the local board I guess even if this is not important here, busy a dark evening sending up so-called light lamps made of paper. Courses in UFO observations exercised by Riksorganisationen have done the same. It was of course legal. The point is that these flying lamps easily could be misunderstood for something else and I guess those responsible were aware of just that. It wouldn’t be different from having a policy to keep sending up radio controlled air balloons in different shapes and sizes with small lights which also easily could be mistaken for real UFO crafts from an uncertain distance a dark evening. What would the purpose be for such a “hobby” in an organization claiming to reveal the facts and reality behind the UFO phenomena? Is there a connection here between an standing policy of Riksorganisationen to dismiss all the interesting observations about UFO crafts as “non-scientific” and how it is conditioning members to accept the same? Yes, I hold there is!

Central meetings throughout the years ended with sending up so-called paper lamps with a small burning light inside is somehow a psychological way to tell the members the UFO phenomenon either manifest natural phenomenons or man made objects. Or just the planet Venus which always is there to debunk craft alike objects flying around, changing course or whatever in the sky. Ordinary people living nearby all the lamp events will of course be influenced by the same ideas as they see flying paper lamps and nothing else.

Bjorn-Olav Kvidal,
Stockholm 2 May 2012
(member # 1931 in Riksorganisationen UFO-Sverige)

[The article above has to some degree been changed in its form since the original resolution was sent to Riksorganisationen. The content and conclusions are nevertheless the same.]


How democratic is the Swedish Riksorganisatioinen UFO Sverige?

Hur demokratisk är den svenska Riksorganisationen UFO Sverige?

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Missing time – strange experience at Hundhammeren outside Trondheim 1959 or 1960, Norway.

Norway – Norge, Trondheim,
Hundhammaren 1959 or 1960, probably in September 1960.

I was 4 or 5 years old that year in late August or September 1959 or 1960 when I had a strange experience. I was at our home on Kåre Kongsbrors Veg 21 at Hundhammeren outside Trondheim. Today our small white house is dismantled since some time in 1970s and a bigger is built on the site. White this, too!

It was an ordinary sunny day. The time was between 02.00-04.00 pm when I decided to go and buy some snacks at a shop owned by mr Isaksen located in the road Olav Magnusson. The shop was about 250-300 meters away.

I left our house, climbed up the short mountain hill on the site, crawled under the fence and entered the site of one of our neighbors named Husby. As kids we used to cross other sites in those days. I remember everything as it was yesterday. There was a doll’s house some 3 meters from the fence and to the left of me where I climbed under the fence. To the right was an open entrance to the site. I passed this doll house, walked some few meters to the pathway and headed in direction of the yellow house of Husby’s family.

The house of Husby was now some 15 meters further away. I remember as I was walking that I looked on some cones from a pine three which had fallen on the pathway. I kicked one or two of the pines. There was an an ant hill on the right side of the pathway just below a pine three. All is nearly as clear today as at that time.

I continued my walk on my way to the shop of Isaksen and quite soon came to the yellow villa. It had a brick stair with the two stair-ways along the wall of the house. The house was located on my right side. I don’t think anyone was at home at the time of the day.

At that moment was I less than 10 meters away from the second entrance of the site. I would say some 5-7 meters. Short distance, actually.

I was heading to the other entrance of the site with its two brick pillars, hardly some 1,5 meters tall I guess. I took a short glance at one of the two pillars of the entrance. All felt normal the one or two seconds I looked on the pillar to the right of me. That was the last thing I remember. Suddenly something strange happened. In one moment was I at the driving entrance in the early afternoon and the sun was shining. The next moment was I some 50 meters further on the local road called Sigrid Saxedatters veg. The sun had set below the horizon. It was dusk and clearly dark outside.

What was going on here? From sun-shine to late evening in a blink of a second? Impossible! As a young boy 4-5 years of age was I confused and could not comprehend what happened. The only thing I knew for sure was that something strange had happened and I was part of it. The first thought that struck me was there was a full solar eclipse. “Solar eclipse”? I was young so how could I have any knowledge about such a natural phenomenon? Well, there was no solar eclipse over Scandinavia in August-September 1959 or 1960. The sun sets about 8.50 pm in the beginning of September in Trondheim area. In the end of the month is it close to 8.30 pm. This means several hours had disappeared from the time I passed the house of the Husby family and found myself walking on the pathway. I looked up, discovered it was already dark and just turned around back home. My response was not what one should expect in such a situation. I didn’t stop to wonder. I didn’t look around or knock on the neighbour’s door to ask what time it was. Instead, I acted in a very robotic way. I just turned around and began to walk back home. Everything happened very automatic. Strangely, I didn’t tell my family about my weird experience. And they did not ask why I was late, something they normally would have done.

This episode put a new dimension to the analysis of UFO abductions. I hold there may be an unknown dimension right here in front of us all we can not see, touch and feel. But could it be that this dimension – if it exists – has some connections to our brains and even explain why we happen to find ourselves into a skull on a small planet part of a solar system in a universe we simply can’t grasp? The episode I experienced from Hundhammeren 1959 or 1960 supports the hypothesis we actually may live in some kind of semi virtual reality and when people have experienced obvious time missing something else is also at work here.


The UFO crafts that seem to break all laws of physics may not be doing this at all if their physical reference is different from the world we live in. Other have experience missing time and even so-called UFO abductions in connection to this. There are verified documentation of missing time and that people have experienced something weird and unknown.

I will return to this phenomenon and try to come up with some more samples from people world-wide. Below are some Youtube recordings related to missing time and the UFO phenomenon. One video analysis if the universe is some kind of virtual reality.


Hypnotherapist and psychotherapist Barbara Lamb is interviewed in a radio program. Her statements are not mine but I will return for a comment later to this 93 minutes audio recording.


Budd Hopkins (1931-2011) talks in nearly 8 minutes on missing time:


John Edward Mack (1929-2004) on missing time and something more in a 63 minutes video:


Several videos in one in 93 minutes. Worth watching!

Björn-Olav Kvidal,
Stockholm 2012

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